Harvard validates my point

A few months ago I published an excerpt from my book, Thinking Skinny and made it widely available. The article drew questions and even some criticism from naysayers and doubters. My article is titled “The 2,000 Calorie Per Day Misconception: How it Messes Up Your Diet, and How To Calculate What Your True Calorie Intake Should Be.” You can follow the link to read it in its entirety.

Today I read the following from Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School):

“…Weight management. Prevention is the best policy. Many of us could avoid weight gain in the first place by shaving 50–100 calories from our diets. The guidelines note that although the 2,000-calorie-a-day diet remains the reference diet, it’s not the recommended one. Many Americans should be eating far fewer calories than that...”  Click Here to read the complete article. It is excellent and illustrates my point perfectly.

So NOW will you belive me? This is essential information if you want your diet to succeed. If you are serious about losing weight, go back and read my article and the more recent, Harvard Publications piece.