43 years later

Nadia42YrsApart copyIt’s strange, looking at these two photos, but now in 2009, 43 years after the first one was taken (1966), I’m happy to be looking a lot less “old and tired” than I was during the years leading up to 2007. (I’ve posted a number of those “fat” pictures on this blog and also at Thinking Skinny.com.) So this comparison isn’t for friends and family who have known me all my life (for them, the weight loss was a welcome return to normalcy). I posted this for the people who have only known me during the last 15 years. From some of them have come comments (not unkind, mind you) like, “you look like a completely different person,” or “you don’t look like yourself anymore.” From their point of reference, they are right.  From my point of view, I’ve shaken off negative midlife thought patterns that made me overweight and old before I had to be, and I’ve happily resumed a more natural, easy to maintain, and healthy manner of living.

I know I’m not alone. Getting derailed by the stresses of life (including taking care of everyone else while neglecting self) happens to the majority of women in America at some point in their lives and to a lesser degree, the men. The methods I used in Thinking Skinny helped get me back on track.