The next stage of womanhood

MenopauseNaturallyI recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting Gabriele Kushi, best-selling author of Embracing Menopause Naturally (Square One Publishers, Garden City Park, NY) who lives here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We will be working together over the next few months on some exciting projects. Gabriele has graciously agreed to be a part of the Girlfriends Over 40 Radio Show in addition to granting an interview for Thinking Skinny With Nadia Giordana on Blog Talk Radio.

(Show dates and air times TBD, but if you miss the live show, no matter. Programs will be downloadable and viewable on demand indefinitely. Official announcements and links will be provided at the GFO40 blog).

About the book: We are all too familiar with symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, and more. While menopause triggers many physical and emotional changes, it also brings forth spiritual issues that, for many women, mark a redefinition of the feminine self. To address the total impact of menopause, Gabriele Kushi has created a supportive, practical, and personal guide to dealing with this time in a woman’s life.

Gabriele first provides a clear understanding of the overall process of menopause, from biological changes to emotional and spiritual challenges. She then goes on to offer research-based nutritional guidelines that can help relieve and overcome menopausal symptoms, as well as healthful kitchen-tested recipes based on a natural foods diet. However, it is the stories and portraits of twenty menopausal women that are at the heart and soul of the book. In their own words, these beautiful women share their diverse experiences with the reader. To get this book at Amazon, follow this link: Embracing Menopause Naturally: Stories, Portraits, And Recipes