Compliance and full disclosure

I can’t be certain at this point whether the recent FTC regulations apply to me, this blog, or my BTR radio shows since I’m not a book blogger. But the trend is obvious and if  the current regulations don’t now apply to me, they soon will.  In the interest of full disclosure going forward, the following  information will be found up-front and easily accessible at the “about” tab on this blog:

In the context of my blog posts and interview transcriptions, I will inform my audience whether or not I have received goods or services from the person or company being featured. As a rule of thumb: in almost all cases, I will have read the book by an author I am interviewing (and that author will have provided me with a copy for that purpose). In the case of teachers, life coaches and business owners that provide a range of services, I can tell you that I will (in almost all cases) not have received the services we are discussing (if there is an exception, I will let the readers and listeners know). But bear in mind, I am not reviewing these products, nor am I recommending them. I am interviewing the person with regard to their accomplishments–and I do not receive a fee for the interviews I conduct. Interviews are by invitation only (women I’ve met or heard about and subsequently invited to talk), but I will consider suggestions if you know someone particularly exciting for me to interview.
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