Susan Whitfield

NG Intro: I’m happy to have you here with me today, Susan Whitfield. Susan is the author of the Logan Hunter mystery series. Susan, thanks for being here with me today.  I recently read Hell Swamp, one of the books in the LOGAN HUNTER MYSTERY SERIES and I loved it. I must say, it kept me riveted. Why don’t you tell the listeners what the series is about?

Susan: I created a gutsy tall, thin female investigator who begins the series inexperienced and grows as she meets challenges and makes mistakes.

NG: When, or how did this series come to you?

Susan: I knew I wanted to write a mystery and wanted a female protagonist. I started writing Genesis Beach while at a North Carolina beach when inspiration struck.

NG: Do you have a favorite character?

Susan: Logan is my favorite, naturally, because she is the star of the series. She’s gutsy and quirky, intelligent and sometimes careless, and just an all around good girl with a little mischief thrown in for good measure.

NG: What’s your favorite book in the series, and why?

Susan: I love them all, but I guess I’d have to say right now Hell Swamp is my favorite since it was the last one published and I set it back at my childhood home, not too far from the real Hell Swamp. I think my writing gets tighter with each book too.

NG: How long did it take you to write it?

Susan: Each book has taken about two years.

NG: That’s quite a commitment. How do you like working with L&L Dreamspell, you publisher?

Susan: Dreamspell is awesome! I consider myself very lucky to have been picked up by this Houston-based publisher. The owners are very hands-on and listen to what I want as an author. They accommodate me when they can.

NG: Is the book available as an e-book, print book or both?  Kindle?

Susan: The series is available in e-book, and paperback as well as Kindle.

NG: And where can the book be purchased by our listeners?

Susan: You can get the series at,, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine stores everywhere.

NG: You have other books in the series – let’s talk about those. Which is the first in the series?

Susan: Genesis Beach is the first one and set along our Crystal Coast. Logan is an intern working under the supervision of the police chief. When a millionaire is murdered, she is thrown into the investigation and learns that she can’t trust the people around her.  Just North of Luck is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, where a serial killer really challenges Logan as he targets teachers. She finally catches him with the help of Madison County Detective Railey, with whom she’s falling in love. Hell Swamp takes Logan to Black River in eastern NC where she finds the gutted body of a woman hanging in Black River Plantation. Her main suspects are deer hunters who don’t want to cooperate with the investigation.

NG: What do you like best about being a writer and author?

Susan: My imaginary friends. LOL.

NG:  (laughing) I can relate to that! Susan, do you have any projects in the works, something new coming out, perhaps?

Susan: Yes, I do. I’m excited about Sin Creek, set in Wilmington. It will be released in November and Logan’s investigation leads her into the porn industry and plenty of discomfort.

I also joined forces with many other mystery writers and compiled a cookbook entitled Killer Recipes that will be released in August. The recipes are edible and won’t hurt you, but we gave them fun names. The proceeds go to cancer research and each author’s work is listed underneath the recipe for promotion. Folks can check my web site to find out where books can be purchased. Don’t forget to buy them as gifts too, and we appreciate the support for a great cause.

My web site offers information on each book, video trailers for some, and a purchase link. I also have a blog,, where I often interview authors and industry experts.

I often guest blog and post to a number of blogs, mostly author friends. I’m on Facebook and Twitter as well.

NG: Do you have any other publicity events coming in the future?

Susan: I’ll be at New Hanover County Library in Wilmington with other writers on August 12th 2010, and at “Killer Nashville” on August 19-22, 2010. I’m looking forward to meeting Jeffrey Deaver in person and participating in panels, and networking with other writers.

NG: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Susan: Since I have three grandsons who are “the boys of summer”, I go from game to game in all kinds of weather and I love it.

NG: Thank you, Susan Whitfield, for joining us and for sharing the Logan Hunter mystery series with us. It’s been a pleasure getting to know about you and your work.

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Susan, do you have any last words for our listeners?

Susan: If you order one of the Logan Hunter Mystery series from my web site, they’re cheaper so that you don’t have to pay shipping. I eat that. Don’t forget about Killer Recipes and supporting our efforts to raise money for cancer research. Thanks for the support, everyone. I love to connect with folks, so please hook up with me on Facebook or Twitter and drop by the blog as often as you can.

Nadia, thank you for having me on your show.

Nadia sign-off: My pleasure Susan. This has been delightful.

Bye everyone, until next time, this is Nadia Giordana, reminding you to “Embody your vision, it’s easier than you THINK!”