Book signing at a hometown festival

Nadia Giordana, Sylvia Wilkins, Norman Wilkins, and Chuck Kasun

We all had a great time at the fourth-annual, Two Rivers Music Fest and Craft (and book) Fair in my home town, Motley, Minnesota on July 23-24-25, 2010. I signed copies of THINKING SKINNY, and offered the three-volume, documentary journal, 10,000 Days In Alaska by Norman Wilkins (my father).

 It’s been a monumental task transcribing 27 years of the daily journal entries my father made while living in Alaska.  So much that I wasn’t sure we would ever finish the project. But after bringing in an assistant, we are back on track and the three-volume documentary journal is being completed right now. Book one is 454 pages and books two and three are each in the 400 page range.

Norman  is an active participant in this process. He’s a stickler for the truth and wants to be certain these journals are complete and accurate with regard to details. This is more than his personal legacy, it’s a piece of Alaska history (similar to the well-known Dick Proenneke materials) documenting daily life along the Glenn Highway at Nelchina (including dozens of families who were friends of Norman and Sylvia). His style is natural, real, and a bit cryptic, writing often in sentence fragments. That’s sometimes the way he talks too, and we made the decision early on to preserve his unique voice for this documentary journal.