Jenny Pavlovic and Sid Korpi

Jenny Pavlovic is a writer, speaker, blogger, animal lover, and biomedical engineer whose life was changed dramatically by her animal rescue experiences in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Jenny is the founder of the 8 State Kate Press and the 8 State Kate Fund, and author of the award-winning 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog and the new, Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book.

Jenny grew up in Wisconsin and lives in Afton, Minnesota with her three dogs, Bandit, Chase, and Cayenne.

Sid Korpi is the author of Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss, and in the creation of this book, she combined her decades of professional experience as an editor, writer, journalist, English teacher, actor, and ordained minister/animal chaplain—with her lifelong devotion to the animal companions who have blessed and shared her life. Surviving a “tsunami of loss” in her own life led to her discovery of spiritual truths that brought her strength and facilitated her heart’s healing. She felt compelled to share these things with others who suffer—often in isolation—from the passing on of their very dearest nonhuman friends, their pets.

Sid lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband Anthony Kaczor and their eight animal friends/family members: Ambrose, Blanche, Keely, and Oliver (Westies); Giles and Xander (cats); and Atticus and Scout (finches).

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