Becky Henry talks about eating disorders

My guest Becky Henry,  is passionately committed to the empowerment of women and girls.  She believes that true healing comes from love and compassion, and has been a source of strength to countless families living with eating disorders.

Her clients say that the coaching services they were provided, gave them a safe nurturing place to be heard, receive answers and comfort while bringing them out of the dark woods of caring for someone with an eating disorder, to connect with their strength, and save financial resources while reclaiming their lives.

Becky Henry, CPCC, became an “unwilling expert,” as she and her family went down that challenging road that is an eating disorder.  They quickly learned that often a family’s sweet daughter “disappears,” as her body is taken over by the eating disorder’s strong and powerful hold on her mind. To listen to the radio interview with Becky, click here.