Kathi Holmes overcame paralysis and began a bright new chapter in her life

Author, Kathryn Mayleen Holmes

Kathryn Mayleen Holmes’ resilient spirit gave her the courage to conquer  challenges few of us ever endure. She came out on the other side of the rainbow  with renewed faith and a surprising new chapter in her life as an author. I had  the pleasure of hearing Kathi’s story in person. This is what she shared about  her ordeal:

Nadia: Kathi, You’ve been through something few people will  ever have to face. I’d like you to tell us what happened, and how you went from  being paralyzed to walking again. I’d like to hear how you changed your  situation as it relates to the seven principles we’re talking about in my  upcoming book, Reinventing  New Chapters in Your Life at any Age:7 Steps to Making it Happen. #1) Reshaping a healthier body and attitude.  Kathi, what do you think were the catalysts that gave you the mental and  emotional strength to believe you could walk again?

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