Amazon Bestseller, Awaken Your AgePotential by Lori Campbell

Awaken Your AgePotential
Awaken Your AgePotential

I talked recently with visionary gerontologist, Lori Campbell. She has some revolutionary new perspectives on the subject of aging. Her new release, Awaken Your AgePotential, soared to bestseller status on Amazon in less than a day. Let’s see what she has to say:

Nadia: Welcome Lori, I’m thrilled that you could talk to me today.

Lori: Thank you Nadia, It’s a pleasure.

Nadia: Let’s get right to it. Your book, Awaken Your AgePotential is written from a unique perspective. Tell us about that and what makes it different from other books about aging on the market today.

Lori: Awaken Your AgePotential is a book not as much about aging as it is about living—and living abundantly. It is focused on thriving, not just surviving the second half of life. Secondly, the book has a two-fold perspective. I first lay out the possibilities of the latest aging research, and then I had 10 contributing authors, who were thrivers. What’s a thriver? It is a person who embodies AgePotential. They are ordinary people having an extraordinary aging experience.

The inspiration for this book came from my own awakening experience. I spent years doing research among thrivers. They forever changed how I look at aging and awoken me one day to the realization that the ability to thrive is not in our genes, but in things that we can control and have influence over.

Nadia: What would you say is your primary goal with this book?

Lori: I’m on a mission to create a vision for the second half of life to be nothing short of pure potential. I felt it important to coin a new phrase—AgePotential, intending to shift the consciousness, our thoughts and our belief system on age to potential: Think aging, think potential. The second underlying goal for the book is the hope that each reader will have their own awakening experience, especially to the knowledge that we all have the potential to thrive, and that power lies within ourselves, not in our genes, not in our doctor, medicines or our circumstances.

Nadia: Tell us how a person might experience an awakening and how does that relate to the aging journey?

Lori: The awakening experience starts the moment the person realizes for themselves that the ability to be a thriver is a possibility. Therin lies the awakening experience. This is all based on hard research. It’s a science concept called epigenetics. In Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” he says “our genes are our predisposition, but they are not our fate.” There are three things that activate our genes and that’s our belief system, our thoughts and our lifestyle. So depending on how we think and how we live, that activates us towards disease and illness, or towards prevention and delay. We have a lot of influence on our health and aging journey.

Nadia: I think the point you make about belief is an important distinction. Is that a common thread among thrivers, and are there others?

Lori: Great question, because aging is a normal life experience, but there is no normal curve of aging, it’s a very unique path, and the reader is going to get that because the thrivers profiled in the book each have their own unique story. Amazingly, there are four common threads. Let me share them with you.

Number 1: Thrivers don’t easily accept status quo thinking. They know what they believe and why they believe in it. They are reflective people.

Number 2: A common thread that we see, thrivers accept the responsibility that they are the #1 influence in how they age and they understand the benefits of taking ownership for their health and aging journey.

Nunber 3: Thrivers put their thought-energy and time into planning a life that empowers them to stay healthy and purposeful. In other words, they make plans for living not for dying. They keep evolving as a person.

Number 4: Thrivers create for themselves a very passion-centered life. They love life, and life loves them. They don’t go through the motions, they live with intention, passion and zest, and as my 86-year-old thriver friend says, “We live life full-tilt,” and believe me, they do. It’s like pulling out all the stops, and their love of life is contagious.

Nadia: I can see that there is a lot more to this subject and I have more questions, as I believe the readers do too. Where can they go if they want a copy of this book?

Lori: The book is a brand new October 2012 release and if you go to my website,, there will be a media page where you can purchase the book. Those who buy the book on October 16, 2012 will have access to a number of special gifts.

Nadia: I already have my copy of Awaken Your AgePotential and I’m reading it now.
Readers, In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I know Lori Campbell personally and have had some involvement in this project and I’m excited to share the good news. The important insights Lori shares in this book make it particularly unique, and I am honored to have had a small part in it.