Nadia talks with humorist and YouTube sensation, Jeanne Robertson

image of Jeanne Robertson in black skirt and red jacket with arms folded. Text alongside says, 6 feet, 2 inches tall.
Humorist and YouTube sensation, Jeanne Robertson

Humorist Jeanne Robertson’s newfound success as a YouTube sensation began 50 years ago when she was a junior in college, but let’s flash forward a moment:

“That’s when the top blew off,” said Jeanne (pronounced Jean-ee) Robertson last week when she and I talked. “Nadia, two things happened: SiriusXM Radio, started playing me about 15 times a day on their family comedy channel and then I went viral on YouTube and began playing on iTunes. After that a television station in California did a segment on me, called it Grandma Goes Viral, and it went nationwide. That’s when the top blew off. We started getting more corporate requests and then numerous theater show opportunities.”

Jeanne Robertson has been speaking professionally at corporate and convention events for 50 years, but the advent of the Internet, YouTube and iTunes has helped her go in directions she never dreamed, and she’s had a lot of fun in the process. Let’s hear some of what Jeanne has to say about how her career soared to new heights at a time when for most people, things would be winding down:

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