WomanVision TV episode 22: Secrets to Making Your House Market Ready

WomanVision TV episode 22: Secrets to Making Your House Market Ready, features professional home stager, Diane Keyes. Diane is  the author of This Sold House and in this interview with Nadia Giordana, she shares several important tips to help homeowners get their homes ready for the market. Diane is one of only a few original home stagers in the country. She says that is because people come into the profession thinking it is about decorating. “It isn’t,” says Diane, “It’s about psychology.” Diane has staying power because she understands the psychology behind what makes people buy homes. She also knows how hard it is for some sellers to let go, and she has some suggestions to ease that transition.

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  1. Nadia… I found the information gleaned from this interview to be amazingly useful and I am not in the market of selling or buying a home. Some of the tips I plan to incorporate is using air neutralizing versus scented air fresheners, switching on the low-level lighting more often, and creating my guest bathrooms with more of a spa-like appeal. Who doesn’t want their house to “feel” more like home. The biggest nugget of impact on me was when Diane shared the seller must be willing to “let go” of the home or they will unconsciously sabotage the sale. Wow!

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