WomanVision TV anticipates Season 2

What an exciting first season it has been for WomanVision TV. Season 1 began officially with one test episode in late 2012. Then in early 2013 as we developed our format, tested the waters, and confirmed venues, we were on our way. In the beginning we planned to produce roughly one episode per month, but as potential guests came to us in surprising numbers, those plans broadened. We closed out season 1 with a total of 22 episodes. Who would have guessed?

Episodes are aired on local access TV station Channel 12, from Lake Minnetonka Cable Commission (LMCC) along with Internet outlets like YouTube and of course, this website. We also are distributed via email, Facebook and Google+.

As I write this, WomanVision TV Season 2 (2014) is well under way with nearly a dozen confirmed guests lined up. Most of our guests live in the Upper Midwest region, but we welcome women from anywhere in the world, and not surprisingly, they are coming. Also, we have plans to take the show out of the studio and “on location” more often in 2014.