Interview with an Interviewer

Nadia co-hosting It’s a Woman’s World

A recent interview with Nadia Giordana by Phyllis Moore:

Nadia, please give us a bio to introduce yourself.

I am a retired stockbroker and the author of three books, “No Thank You, I’d Rather be Myself,” “Thinking Skinny,” and “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age.” My general website is, but you can Google me, I’m easy to find. I’m also very involved in community TV here in the Twin Cities metro area, and I understand that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Please feel free to ask me anything you want.

How many shows do you host?

Currently I am involved with five community TV shows in one capacity or another as host, co-host, and/or producer. The shows are as follows:

1. “It’s a Woman’s World,” whose mission is to discuss any, and all topics under the sun from a woman’s point of view.

2. “Generations,” whose mission is to help people 50 and better lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

3. “Women of the World,” whose mission is to give a voice to women from around the world who have made the United States their home.

4. “That’s Odd,” whose prime directive is to seek out life’s little desserts, slices of the lighter side, mini escapes from reality and things that make you go, oh!

5. “QC Cooks,” a local cooking show serving the cities of Andover, Champlin, Anoka and Ramsey.

What inspired you to interview people? How many years have you been doing this?

I’ve been at this since around 2009. It began as my way to work through a fear of public speaking. I started with an Internet radio show and graduated to doing YouTube videos interviewing talented women. At some point I was invited to be a guest on “It’s a Woman’s World,” produced by Michael Rossberg, and got to know the cast and crew there. I was fascinated by all that goes into the making of an in-studio show. I volunteered to help them as their social media PR person and since I was present at all the tapings, I was soon a co-host. Over time I joined two more productions with Mr. Rossberg. In the last two years I’ve been invited to host a cooking show at QCTV, which is a lot of fun, and most recently, I began producing, directing, editing, and co-hosting That’s Odd along with Lynn Garthwaite. It’s safe to say, I’m not fearful of speaking or being on camera anymore. Read More.