Be a Show Host

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Host your own show. I’ll help you do it. Take this course and be ready to go forward in 30 days or less.


Entrepreneurs take note: You’ve already imagined how you would host. You’re good, you’ve got that. I’ll show you how to get the actual show.

Set your brand apart. Can you think of a better way to boost your credentials and credibility more than being able to say you host a TV show? Click here to learn how.

The first five chapters of this course will teach you how to start from scratch and get yourself well on the way to launching your own public access community TV show including some options on how to promote your show and gain a wider audience through social media and the Internet. Chapter six will cover a little known option (facilitated access) which could be a big bonus if there is such a station in your area.

Completing this course, following through, and doing your part, will:

1. Help you determine if having a local TV show is what you want.

2. Provide you with the tools necessary to take steps towards being well on your way in about 30 days (if the answer to #1 is “yes”).

3. Help dramatically shorten the learning curve to creating and having a TV show.

30-day Money Back Guarantee: You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee: If after completing this course, you don’t feel you have enough information to take the right steps towards having your own show, (not based on whether you actually produce a

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Conditional Guarantee

program) please submit your request for a refund in writing to the course instructor within 30-days of purchase date. But first you will need to follow through and do your part and since you are an entrepreneur, I know you will. Working with public access stations is 100% doable. I have confidence in you and in this material.