Past Guests

Nadia’s past guests are listed in the order they were interviewed with most recent at top. Click on the guest’s name to see the interview:

Dr. Susan Strauss discusses some little known issues in the LGBT community with regard to healthcare.

 Deb Jacobson teaches us how to deal with difficult people.

Lead singer of Tami and the Bachelor, Tamara Barnett talks about how she got started in the music business.

Sandra Zeisler will teach us how to protect our kids from dangers on the Internet.

Caryn M. Sullivan, author of Bitter or Better: Life on the Op Ed Page

Jean Travis-Odefey on preserving family heritage

Gwen Marty came by to tell us about how she landed a central role on Hockey Moms.

Carol McCormick: storyteller, author of A Bridge for Grandma

Judy Liautaud shares her personal story of being a birth mother who gives her child up for adoption.

Rita Johansen on eating for stable blood sugar

Stephanie Sorensen on being a doula and midwife

Gail Roddy performs a vignette from Calling All Mothers to the Well.

Jean Illsley Clarke discusses parenting in a world of over-indulgence.

Humorist, Sherri Moore shares her perspective on life as she knows it.

Deborah Bassett Delaney shares insights into the growing issue of care giving and the stresses families experience.

Linda Hutchinson, author of Laugh Yourself Happy

Victoria Riley, author of My Native American Mother and the Life Lessons She Taught Me.

Janice Novak author of Posture, Get it Straight! on WVTV

Bonnie Watkins (author of Unfinished Business: Future of the American Women’s Movement)

Debbie Johnson (author and filmmaker) on gluten-free and low-glycemic eating

Jill Johnson (MN Women Business Owners Hall of Fame) offers Nuggets of wisdom for women in business.

Cher Lindberg (author of Trea$ure Your Life) talks about coming back from the brink of suicide.

Gail Roddy on Lucid Dreaming on WomanVision TV

Connie Anderson and Kathy Hamers: When Polio Came Home

Mel Scholl shares insights into a growing epidemic of substance abuse among older adults.

Nikki Abramson (author of I Choose Hope) on WomanVision TV

SreyReath Kuy (author of Soul of a Tiger) shares her story of surviving the Killing Fields of Cambodia (blog post).

Kate Pettit tells us all about the Bloomington Writers Festival and Book Fair on WomanVision TV.

Colleen Baldrica (author of Tree Spirited Woman) on WomanVision TV

Michelle Hinck (author of Great Love: The Mary Jo Copeland Story) on WomanVision TV

Sheila Krejci (author of The Engaging Expert: A Fieldbook for Occasional Presenters & Accidental Trainers) on WomanVision TV

Diane Keyes (author of This Sold House) on WomanVision TV

Joan Kennedy (author of Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Women) on WomanVision TV

Betty Liedtke tells of building a “Village of Hope” in Uganda on WomanVision TV

Margaret Xray Felicia (author of My Intimate Relationship With Ceasar) BlogTalkRadio

Gloria Vandemmeltraadt, (author/compiler of Memories of Lake Elmo) on WomanVision TV

Lynette Turner (positiveologist) BlogTalkRadio interview

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami (professional speaker) Losing Weight and Getting Healthy at Any Age: WomanVision TV

Sylvia Wilkins (cooking episode) shares two childhood food memories on WomanVision TV

Karly Randolph Pitman (author of Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life) BlogTalkRadio

Mary Treacy O’Keefe (co-founder and president of Well Within) WomanVision TV

Debra Fisher Goldstein ( Minnesota State Fair photographer) WomanVision TV

Ruth Bachman (author of Growing Through the Narrow Spaces) WomanVision TV

Dr. Ellen Kennedy (Human Trafficking in the world today) WomanVision TV

Marie Olofsdotter (artist, poet, author) WomanVision TV

Lynette Crane (author of The Confident Introvert)  WomanVision TV

Dr. Susan Strauss (sexual harassment and bullying) 2-part program on WomanVision TV

Dr. Ethelle Lord (speaking on Alzheimer’s) radio interview

Lori Campbell (author of Awaken Your agePotential) article/interview

Jeanne Robertson (humorist, YouTube sensation) article/interview

Barb Greenberg (life after divorce) article/interview

Kathi Holmes (overcame paralysis) article/interview and video

Sid Korpi (2012 interview) article/interview

Rebecca Butler (entrepreneur) video interview

Joanne Funch (grief counselor) radio interview

Debbie Johnson (best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin) radio interview

Jane Morrison (entrepreneur) radio interview

Becky Henry (Just Tell Her To Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders) radio interview

Meg Corrigan (author, Then I Am Strong) radio and print interviews

Rhonda Zweber (cancer survivor, author, Mommy’s Hats) radio and print interviews

Eileen Flanagan (author, The Wisdom to Know the Difference) radio and print interviews

Lyn Lifshin (Queen of the Small Presses) print interview

Jean Denham (A Chef’s Journey Home) radio and print interviews

Sid Korpi (2010 – Attack of the Moon Zombies and more) radio and print interviews

Carmela Tursi Hobbins (Authentic Italian Cuisine and classes)

Merle Minda (on famous MN crimes and travel) radio interview

Susan Powter (NYT bestseller, fitness guru) radio interview

Jenny Pavlovic  (dog rescue) and Sid Korpi (pet chaplain) (pets) radio interview

Erika Hauschildt (brain tumors in children) radio interview

Diane Keyes (author, This Sold House) radio interview

Mary Treacy O’Keefe (author, wellness expert) radio interview

Roshini Rajkumar (author, communications expert) radio interview

Maryanne Comaroto (relationship expert) (relationship expert) radio interview

Susan Whitfield (author, Logan Hunter series) radio and print interviews

Gloria Vandemmeltraadt (author, Musing and Munching) radio and print interviews

ALI VINCENT (First female Biggest Loser) (weight-loss expert) radio interview

Mary Deal (award-winning novelist) radio and print interviews

Wendy Brown-Baez (author and performance poet) radio and print interviews

Gabriele Kushi (author, Embracing Menopause Naturally) radio and print interviews

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