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Released January 2nd, 2021: The Emerald Green Horse: A Poetic Journal 2020 by Nadia Giordana.



Released October 12, 2019, “Breathing Under Water: A Poetic Memoir” by Nadia Giordana. An autobiographical collection of free verse poems highlighting important memories; life events, big and small; thoughts and musings; and selections from the author’s dream journal spanning more than 50 years.


Released September 28, 2018: “Life is Sweet, Savor it: Things I’ve Learned Along Life’s Way.” An eclectic collection of haiku, short poems, musings, quotes and other thoughts by the author. Available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy.


Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age, available on Amazon now.  To get your print copy, Click Here. To get your Kindle version, Click Here.


THINKING SKINNY 2012 revised edition. To get your print copy, Click Here. 2012 revised edition Kindle ebook, Click Here.


No Thank You copyNo Thank You, I’d Rather Be Myself! (Nadia’s first collection of poetry, wit, wisdom, drawings and anecdotes.) Click Here.

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