A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth its weight in gold. Thanks a million for browsing.

Short video nuggets of inspiration, vlog posts, and selected clips from other appearances

Basic Tips – How not to look bad on Zoom Videos: Beverly Crosby and Nadia Giordana had a truckload of fun making this training video for Zoom users.


Look Better on Zoom with Shoulder Pads:

Accent Lights for Your Zoom Studio:

Getting Raked Over the Coals

My 86-yr-old Mother Plants Trees

What are You Journaling About?

Learning From our Mistakes

Lifestyle Choices are a Lot Like Buying New Clothes

Always Something to Write About

Are You a Late Bloomer?

Genuine Success is Not About Money

One of my favorite quotes from Nelson Mandela

What’s the Best Time to Make Changes in Your Life?

Music Can Trigger Deep Emotions

Letting Go of Hurt Feelings

Are Women Over the Age of 50 Invisible?


October 30, 2012: What new thing have you tried lately? “Lifestyle choices are a lot like buying new clothes. We try on different things until something fits, and even then it doesn’t fit forever, goes out of style, or we tire of it. It’s up to us to discard a bad fit as soon as it’s recognized.” –Nadia Giordana

September 23, 2012: First frost and falling leaves: I couldn’t resist sitting outside the morning of the first hard frost and catch on film the colorful falling leaves from the maple in the front yard of the cottage (I like to call it my writer’s retreat) in Little Falls, MN. It’s a short, 44-second piece, but I like it a lot:


4-2-11: Nadia Giordana speaking at the WOMEN OF WORDS WRITER’S RETREAT about the ins and outs of using CreateSpace as a publishing tool.

One of my favorite video editing websites is Web Video University (tip for getting better sound).
Some music in our videos provided by Royalty free production music by JewelBeat and occasional still images from http://creativity103.com/

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