That’s Odd

Yellow and blue words, That's Odd
That’s Odd TV show. “Listen up, we’re talkin’ here.”

That’s Odd TV show Co-hosted by Nadia Giordana and Lynn Garthwaite, is on the air in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area via LMCC ch 12, SPNN ch 15, and BCAT ch 16, and YouTube.

TOTV Prime Directive: To seek out life’s little desserts, slices of the lighter side, mini escapes from reality and things that make you say oh!

Special thanks to Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission (LMCC) for giving us a hand with this fun TV show and encouraging our idea. We’re focusing on odd and interesting tidbits of information, quirky stories, and off-the-beaten-path day trips (if you live in Minnesota). Also, we scout out some oddball roadside attractions you might never find in a travel brochure. Launch date: June 1, 2017.

We have a Facebook page and a website.