Slay the Giant and Bury Him

Woman standing with foot on rock formation resembling five giant toes sticking out of the ground.
“Sometimes you just have to slay the giant and bury him.” ~Photo and quote by Nadia Giordana

Sometimes you just have to slay the giant and bury him. Whether you call it slaying dragons, facing demons, overcoming obstacles or something else. It all comes back to us as individuals. You, me, the next person; it’s up to each of us to slay that giant and bury him. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s different for everyone.

My thoughts today are inspired by a natural rock formation I came across in Fort Collins, Colorado during a recent visit. It looks like giant toes sticking out of the ground. The visual metaphor struck me instantly. Seemingly out of place in such close proximity to monkey bars, swings and slides, it sits at the edge of a city playground. I only had a minute or two with it before local children spied it and began clamoring to climb. I was officially ousted by the small fry. They took possession of my spot, instinctively posing with arms crossed, as slayers of the imaginary giant.

It was fun to see their play-acting. Little did they know how valuable such games are for their emotional well-being and development.  Whether they were standing on top of the big toe or the little one, or like me in this photo with one foot on my kill, the reinforcement of the feeling of triumph resonated in our psyches.

If you are ever in the city of Fort Collins, you can find this unique natural amusement at Spring Canyon Park. There are one or two other interesting formations at this location, but be forwarned, this is a place set aside for local kids, not as a tourist attraction. The rock formations are treated like nothing more than odd climbing structures, almost as if they were in the way when the playground was built.

~Nadia Giordana.

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